Further to the previous client notice – Recent Legislative Updates – which detailed legislative changes affecting entities incorporated/registered under the laws of The Bahamas, and which may be applicable to your structures, persons are now required to update their compliance information in order to adhere to the regulations of the new legislation.

Below are a list of Forms that are to be completed as relevant:-

Client Profile – Company

Client Profile – Individual

Company Compliance Update

Politically Exposed Persons

Accounting Declaration Client

The relevant Forms should be provided to H&J Corporate Services Ltd. by 2 August 2019 via email with the original Forms bearing handwritten signature(s) thereon to follow by courier. Please note we are unable to accept Forms bearing digital signature(s).

If responses are not received by 2 August 2019 or if they do not contain the information required to enable H&J Corporate Services Ltd. to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, the provision of corporate services may be discontinued.

Questions, queries or concerns should be sent to manager@hjcorporate.com.

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