We write further to our previous email, in connection with legislative changes affecting entities incorporated/registered under the laws of The Bahamas, and specifically our request for your assistance in providing updated information by completing various compliance forms by the August 2, 2019 deadline. To aid you in completing the relevant forms, below are the required steps, and, for your guidance, samples of the forms are provided where indicated:

STEP 1: Each Company must complete the Company Compliance Update Form – Sample Here

STEP 2: Each Non-Individual (ie. Trusts, Companies, etc.) that is a Shareholder of the Company must complete the Corporate Profile Form – Sample Here

STEP 3: Each Individual Shareholder, Director, Authorized Signatory/Representative or person with principle control of the Company must complete the Individual Profile Form – Sample Here

STEP 4: Each Politically Exposed Person (PEP) (which includes an individual who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function, whether by a foreign country, domestically, or by an international organization) must complete the Politically Exposed Person (Pep) Form – Sample Here

STEP 5:  Each Company must review, complete and execute the Accounting Declaration Client form – Sample Here

Should you require our assistance in completing the forms, do let us know and we will provide fee details.

Please also be reminded that forms which are not completed, executed and returned to us by the August 2 deadline, to enable H&J Corporate Services Ltd. to comply with updated legal and regulatory obligations, may result in the discontinuation of corporate services.

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